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As a kid growing up in the Canadian prairies, my enthusiasm for all things fibre and stitch related were encouraged by my mother and grandmother. Since then, my skills and interests have evolved to include embroidery, garment sewing, home décor and quilting. Travels in France more recently introduced me to the mesmerizing world of boutis.

Being a technique whose roots are specific to the South of France my knowledge of the craft was limited to a few French books and magazines until a move to France in 2005 allowed me contact with some of the most skilled artisans of this craft.

Learning about boutis and its origins has helped me to understand and respect the value the French place on representing their culture and heritage through the motifs and symbols common in all their art. By staying true to technique, many of today’s boutis designers have learned to combine traditional with contemporary ideas making their work fresh and relevant for today.

Respect for traditional French technique also influences my designs as I incorporate those ideas with experiences familiar to my North American way of life. So my boutis is a bit of France meets North America and traditional meets modern. As my knowledge of the craft increases, so does the passion to pursue it.



Elizabeth Janzen

Boutis, a needlework technique specific to the south of France, finds itself equally comfortable in the world of embroidery and quilting. Since my interest in needlework has evolved from embroidery to garment sewing to quilting, boutis is a natural extension for me. Welcome to Seams French Boutis, where a genuine North American groupie pays homage to this genuine French tradition.

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